Altering a Negative Self-Image

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The images that we retain in our mind’s eye can fall anywhere between incredibly positive and horribly negative. Our horrible images are usually severe, exaggerated, and very negative in content. The trick is to literally reduce or shrink the negative images in size (i.e., form) and replace them with images that are grand in form and positive in content. This technique is used extensively in … [Read more...]

What I’ve Learned From Other Mothers

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As a society, we occasionally praise our moms for managing the tough job of raising children, but we rarely “allow” moms to express some of the personal challenges —the darker side—of motherhood without a critical ear.  As a society, we expect moms to be a certain way:  gentle, patient, affectionate, attentive, giving, caring, and full of the kind of energy that extends far and beyond what … [Read more...]

A New Year’s Resolution

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I can hardly believe it, but a new year is here. And if you’re anything like me, you are probably toying with the idea of making a few resolutions. Part of me hates the pressure attached to resolutions, especially if I proclaim these resolutions aloud. What would it say about me if I fail to fulfill my pledges? The other half of me needs to make some personal promises for the new year, whether I … [Read more...]

Where Did “Me” Go?

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Anyone who knows me or my story knows that I lost myself in those early years of motherhood because I didn’t know how to process my transition or what to do with feelings I never expected to have. At the time, I read dozens of articles looking for ways to help me adjust to a reality far different than anything I had ever known. I perused books on motherhood, childcare, and mental health (I thought … [Read more...]

Create Your List of “Rights”

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Just the other day while food shopping, I saw a mother standing approximately four feet from her shopping cart. Her toddler son was climbing vigorously about the car that was attached to the cart. She was standing still with her hands covering her mouth, looking haggard and miserable. Not sure if I should intervene, I timidly asked if she was all right. She looked at me with glassy eyes and said, … [Read more...]