What’s In A Logo

IMC logoIt took me months to design a logo for In Mom’s Corner, but as soon as I crafted this one, I knew it was right.  It was all about the swirl. The symbol within the boxed “M” means a few things to me. Mostly it means movement.  We, as mothers, are always moving. Yes, driving here and there; picking up this and putting away that; running this errand and coordinating that event.  It never seems to end. But, above and beyond that meaning is my desire to convey the idea that moms are women on a journey, a personal journey that coincides with motherhood.  We will develop and grow independent of, though directly affected by, motherhood.  We will move in a way that is greatly impacted by motherhood, but keeping in mind that we would have moved without motherhood altering our lives. Yes, you would have gone on to do other things if you didn’t become a mom.  You would have likely pursued a career, developed a talent, or followed an interest until you landed at some outcome. You would have entertained friends, tried a new activity, or become part of something bigger than yourself.  Motherhood shouldn’t prevent this course of your life.

I think our children guide our direction, impact our decisions, and focus our attention on priorities.  But we are more than moms, and we will mature, grow, and experience life not only within our role as moms, but beyond it as well (hence the swirl suggests movement that goes on and on, even beyond the confines of the box that maintains the “M”).  By placing the swirl within the box, I aspired to convey the idea that at In Mom’s Corner you will find a safe place that guards, and holds safe, your vulnerabilities, fears, and insecurities.  Among us, you can share your “self’ and know it’s protected and part of a greater whole.  At In Mom’s Corner, I want to link the power of each woman to the accumulated and collective knowledge of the whole community. Thus, supporting, sharing, and giving witness to one another’s stories–the aches, pains, and triumphs that often accompany the challenging journey of motherhood (and life).

The boxed “M” (much like a circle) represents a gathering place.  Over many years and among divergent cultures, women have spontaneously come together in a sort of ritual process, and from which, circles would form.  For these women, the circle was sacred space and a “world between the worlds” where they stood as equals and promoted compassion and a sense of community.  The circle would get wider and wider with each new member who entered, and each member was esteemed as being uniquely valuable to the evolution of the whole.  Here, at In Mom’s Corner, we are a community within the “four walls” that the logo depicts, and each member equally esteemed as valuable. As women who entered motherhood in one way or another, we “know” each other and understand through experience the lives we share however different they may be. By coming together, we are stronger than if we were to stand alone.  In Mom’s Corner, a safe place to swirl around and wonder, find strength and grow, stretch and go beyond.


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