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1-on-1 Coaching

I offer a limited number of 1-on-1 coaching slots for moms who would like to explore—on a deeper, more personal level—the ideas and strategies discussed throughout Missing In Action: How Mothers Lose, Grieve, and Retrieve Their Sense of Self and the MIA companion workbook Your Way Back: A Course Designed to Help Moms Find, and Keep, the ME in Mommy. Coaching packages include a set number of one-hour phone calls (with or without skype), email support, and a complimentary copy of Your Way Back: A Course Designed to Help Moms Find, and Keep, the ME in Mommy.


  • Single Call – $85
  • Package of four calls – $300
  • Package of eight calls – $550

The focus for our calls is up to you. We can tackle a problem that you’re facing right now, or spend time digging into a particular exercise in the workbook. The women I work with find great value in being able to voice difficult feelings in private and get immediate, personalized feedback.

Number of calls


Touch-Base Calls

In response to several requests for on-going “touch base” calls, I’ve decided to offer blocks of time that consist of short 15-20 minute weekly calls.  These calls provide you the opportunity to vent (in safe space) or to receive advice, feedback, suggestions for self-care, or the insight that comes along with empathy (I’ve been in your shoes!).  I’m hoping this structure allows for you to get what you need, in the time that you have, so that every week you get the encouragement, comfort, and the means to overcome the challenges inherent in the day, the week, and the task to “be there, for yourself.”


    •   1 call/week for four weeks – $79
    •   1 call/week for eight weeks – $149
    •   1 call/week for twelve weeks – $219

Number of weeks



The MIA Mission Workshop:

This 4-week starter course is like a search-and-rescue operation for moms who are feeling deep in the thick of it.  The course focuses on what I believe are the three most effective strategies moms need to learn to dig out from under the symptoms that typically accompany MIA – depression, frustration, lethargy, lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, and so on.  You will come away feeling empowered and inspired – as “mom” and a woman on a wonderful journey.

Each of the four course modules is designed to help you understand why you feel the way you do and give you powerful strategies for overcoming the negative and paralyzing feelings that keep you from being the mom and woman you want to be. Course materials include audios (with transcript), worksheets, and weekly live Q&A calls where we come together to ask the hard questions and share the experience of implementing the strategies.

The four modules of the MIA Mission are:

  1. Understanding MIA – what Maternal Intrapersonal Anxiety feels like, where it comes from, and the risks of leaving it unaddressed (including the Ripple Effect and losing your power of choice)
  2. Creating boundaries – a two-step process for discovering your inner values and how to protect them amidst the chaos and never-ending demands for your time, attention, and energy
  3. Reframing negative self-talk – strategies to transform negative behaviors and self-talk into the affirmations and actions that create positive outcomes
  4. Discovering the power of personal accomplishment – a step-by-step process for identifying your personal interests and desires so you can work them into your life and reap the benefits of greater confidence, higher self-esteem, more bountiful joy, and so much more

This course is offered every other month. Classes are held for four consecutive weeks on Thursdays at 7:00 pm ET or Fridays at 1:00pm ET. Each class lasts an hour.

This course is $149.

Are you ready to get back to feeling like yourself? Are you ready to embrace motherhood with love and confidence? Are you ready to find the perfect balance between taking care of others and taking care of yourself?

Please click here and let me know. I’ll run the next workshop when enough people have expressed interest to make it a great group.



The “Your Way Back” Group Workshop:

New cover image for Your Way Back for IMCIf you prefer completing Your Way Back: A Course Designed to Help Moms Find, and Keep, the ME in Mommy  (the MIA companion workbook) with the support and camaraderie of other moms, group coaching might be a good fit for you. Over a six week period, we’ll be working through the exercises in each part of the workbook. Part 1 focuses on how you perceive yourself and your life; Part 2 explores your core values; Part 3 puts those core values into place through the personal interests, talents, and ambitions you identify as important to your happiness and overall well being. We’ll meet virtually to share our discoveries, reflections, and breakthroughs. We’ll have some frank conversations, in-depth discussions, and a few laughs, I’m sure.

What you’ll get:

  • A copy of Your Way Back
  • Coaching one night a week for six weeks, lasting approximately one hour; that is, two weeks devoted to each of the three parts of the workbook, making six consecutive weeks in total.
  • Additional worksheets/handouts as needed
  • A scheduled Google chat per week during the six week period if you have questions or need additional support

Sessions will be hosted on Mondays at 7:00pm ET or Wednesdays at 1:00pm ET.

Introductory limited time offer $179

If you want or need someone to give you permission to put yourself first, let that be me.  Finding, and feeding, your “energy source” usually brings great things!  Do what it takes.  You won’t regret it.

Please click here and let me know. I’ll run the next workshop when enough people have expressed interest to make it a great group.

Need a speaker?  Want a workshop with your friends?  For more information about hiring Anne for a workshop in your area or for a presentation at your company, organization, or group, call (609) 610-2026. 


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